Getting to Bira

There are many choises of transport for travelling to Bira.

Bus from the airport

From the airport to the bus terminal Mellengkeri you pay 135.000 rupiah and 10.000 rupiah for tax on the toll road(recommended).

Bus/private cars

Bus(petepete) is around 80.000 rupiah approx. 7 US dollar. From Makassar(Mellegkeri) you pay 55.000 to got to Bulukumba and from Bulukumba to Bira you pay 25.000 rupiah.

There are also many private cars going to and from Makassar every day. They charge approximate the same price.

Note that these options are not the most enjoyable way of getting here. Buses and cars normally have up to 10 people and working airconditioning is the exception.

A normal trip by public transport from the airport to Bira will take around 6 hours.

Rent transportation with Sulawesi Dive Adventure

We offer a comfortable ride in our new cars for 70 US dollars or approximate 900.000 rupiah(This is more or less the same price you have to pay if you want to rent a private taxi at the airport or in Bira). We pick up/drop of at Sultan Haassanudin airport and the approximate time is no more than 4 hours.


You can take ferry directly to Bira from Flores (Labuan Bajo)

This ferry leaves once a week and takes around 24 hours.

Labuan Bajo to Bira Tuesday 2pm – check with travel operator in case of new departure time.

From Bira to Labuan Bajo every Sunday night.

One way is 125,000rp per person.

Great Flight Deals

Getting to Makassar (Ujung Pandang) airport code UPG.

There are direct domestic daily flights from Bali, Jakarta, Labuan Bajo, Surabaya and Lombok.

Kuala Lumpur to Makassar by Air Asia prices from approx. 40US dollar. Travel time: 2h50min

Jakarta to Makassar by Air Asia prices from 45 US dollar. Travel time: 2h30min

Denpasar to Makassar by Air Asia prices from 50 US dollar. Travel time: 1h30min.

Lombok to Makassar by Garuda Air prices start from 60 US dollar. Travel time: 45min.

Labuan Bajo to Makassar (via Bali) by Lion Air prices from 120 US dollar.

Please not that prices and also flight operators are changing form year to year in Indonesia.

Contact Villa Panrangluhu for any information regarding flights or travel information